Orchard Packages & Fruit Trees

The most comprehensive offering of hardy zone 3 fruit trees and berry bushes in Alberta.

Prairie Gardens was established in 1956 as a tree nursery. We have 67 years of experience in what grows here!

Over 250 selections of fruits hardy for our Zone 3 northern climate, including rare, heirloom, and unusual, and pollinator plants for the bees.

Including specialty fruits including figs, citrus, dwarf nectarines and dwarf peaches for container grown fruit.

Orchard Packages

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The Whole Darn Acre Orchard Package

We love fruit at Prairie Gardens and we love helping families get their own orchards underway! This package…
Featured image for “The Whole Darn Acre Orchard Package”

Traditional Plants 4-Pack

Plant and grow your own traditional plants! Each Traditional Plants 4-Pack includes: 2 x #1 Sweet Grass plants…
Featured image for “Traditional Plants 4-Pack”

Cherries for the Prairies Orchard Package

There’s nothing more rewarding than harvesting your own fresh cherries! That’s why we’ve put together our Cherries for…
Featured image for “Cherries for the Prairies Orchard Package”

The Harvest of Honeyberries Orchard Package

What the heck are honeyberries? Honeyberries, also known as haskaps, are an antioxidant-rich blue berry – somewhat similar…
Featured image for “The Harvest of Honeyberries Orchard Package”

The Fast-to-Fruit Orchard Package

There’s nothing more rewarding than harvesting your own fresh fruit! That’s why we’ve put together our Fast-to-Fruit orchard…
Featured image for “The Fast-to-Fruit Orchard Package”

Grow-Your-Own Rootstock Bundle

This bundle is designed for folks who are grafting, and need the root stocks to do so! Each…
Featured image for “Grow-Your-Own Rootstock Bundle”

A Grove of Nuts Orchard Package

We love nuts at Prairie Gardens and we love helping families get their own nut groves underway! We’ve…
Featured image for “A Grove of Nuts Orchard Package”

Bee Garden: Berries for Bees

Did you know that 90% of all plants require cross-pollination in order to thrive? Cross-pollination occurs when pollen…
Featured image for “Bee Garden: Berries for Bees”

The Farmer’s Fields Orchard Package 2024

The Farmer’s Fields Orchard Package is designed with the farm in mind – whether you’re starting your own…
Featured image for “The Farmer’s Fields Orchard Package 2024”

The Easy-As-Pie Orchard Package

This orchard package is designed for anyone who’s seriously serious about pies. With apples, cherries, honeyberries, strawberries, and…
Featured image for “The Easy-As-Pie Orchard Package”

The Bushels of Berries Orchard Package

There’s nothing better than a berry orchard during the summer. Our family loves buzzing between the bushes and…
Featured image for “The Bushels of Berries Orchard Package”

The Plum Jealous Orchard Package

Who doesn’t like a sweet, juicy plum? We’ve created an orchard package for anyone who’s plum jealous about…
Featured image for “The Plum Jealous Orchard Package”

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