d’ Artangnan Cherry



Full sun, Zone 2

Prunus cerasus ‘d’Artangnan’

Pot size #1, #2

Mature size: 5-6′ tall x 4-5′ wide

This cherry was just released from the U of S in 2021 and it’s claim to fame (or at least one of them anyway) is that it only gets 6′ tall! A true dwarf. Even the Romance series, which is considered semi-dwarf, gets 8-9′ tall. It also has proven to be hardier than even Carmine Jewel and has excelled in the prairies. It requires far less pruning and maintenance than the Romance Series cherries and even its suckers will produce tasty cherries true to type.
This cherry is best suited for fresh eating, juicing, and processing. Very consistent producer of juicy, dark red fruit in summer. And, it’s self-pollinating to boot, which means you only need one!