Bee Garden: Wetlands for Bees



Did you know that 90% of all plants require cross-pollination in order to thrive? Cross-pollination occurs when pollen from one blossom is applied to the pistils of another and bees play an important role in that process. As a farm, we rely on bees to pollinate our crops – including our famous blue pumpkins! Given the worldwide decline of bee populations, we feel it’s important to do our part to help save the bees! That’s why we grow tens of thousands of bee-friendly flowers on the farm and have bee-friendly gardens strategically spread around Prairie Gardens.

We’d like to help you save the bees as well – that’s why we’ve created our Bee Garden Packages! Our Wetlands for Bees package is designed for those tricky low-lying spots that are wetter than average. Each Wetlands for Bees package includes:

  • 9 x #1 Perennials
  • 3 x #2 Shrubs
  • 3 x #5 Trees

All the shrubs and perennials included in this package flower beautifully, while providing key nutrients for the bees.