2020 CSA – Farmer Tam’s Garden Report

Prairie Gardens blog

Hello everyone! Just a Note to say how much we appreciate your support this year!  We have planted over 25 acres of vegetable gardens this spring!  It has been an exceptionally busy spring, as we work within COVID protocols, with reduced staff and lots of rain! We are very proud to say that almost everything is in the ground and … Read More

Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

To Order: email tam@prairiegardens.org with the varieties and quantities you want! Cherry Tomatoes Tiny Tim [4packs – $5.00] Sungold Cherry [4packs -$5.00/pack & 4″ – $5.00ea] Yellow Pear [4packs – $5.00/pack] Green Grape [ 1 gallon – $13.95ea] Valentine [1 gallon -$13.95ea] Golden Yellow Currant [1 gallon – $13.95ea] Mid-Size Tomatoes  Mystery Keeper [4″ – $5.00ea] Early Girl [4packs – $5.00/pack & 4″ … Read More

Farmer Tam’s End of Season Field Report

I can hardly believe our CSA season has come to an end. The CSA garden has been both my escape and my challenge all season long. The never ending weekly to do list – planting, weeding, picking. Then start again. The weekly CSA pick sheet needed by Sunday morning. Saturday is the day I sit down with Silvia to discuss … Read More

Carrie cooks up corn: Prairie Gardens CSA adventures

This week was a continuation of last week’s catch up cooking. I started off with corn from the CSA then I picked up a couple dozen more of classic yellow to freeze. And with the corn from my garden starting to fill in, my fridge was full to the brim. How to pick corn The first thing to look for … Read More

Spuds and Slaw: CSA with Carrie

My focus for this week was to catch up on potatoes and cabbage. If you have a family share, you know what I’m talking about! And the zucchini keeps on coming! The volume of zucchini that Tam has been able to harvest this year is impressive! I started off the week with roasted potatoes and rainbow carrots. This time, I … Read More

Beets, beets, good to eat! Carrie’s CSA adventures

Another bountiful basket I hope you all had extra bags in your vehicles to handle it all! The kids ate the crab apples on the way home, until their tummies were full. The beans mix, topped off what I had picked at home. They were all blanched and frozen together. Same with the peas. Tomatoes and cucumber all eaten up … Read More

CSA with Carrie: Bok Choi stir-fry and creamy dill potatoes

So much to work with this week! Cherry tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries were pretty much eaten up in the first day. Fruit does not last long around here. You would think we would have our fill of the raspberries since I’ve picked six ice cream pails of berries from my own patch so far. And I probably have two more … Read More

CSA with Carrie: Potato salad, Pico de gallo and Roasted pork and fennel

This week, we walked off the farm with Fennel, Basil, Cilantro, Peas, Baby White Potatoes, Saskatoons and Golden Raspberries, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Heritage Tomatoes and Zucchini. Quite a selection! This week was quite busy with birthday parties, play dates and going out to fill in some of that boredom summer time for the kids. As a result, I didn’t cook … Read More