Spring & Summer Guided Field Trips

School Field Trips

Planning a Spring or Summer Field Trip to Prairie Gardens? We'd love to have you come for a visit! Please fill out the form below and follow-up with a call to confirm your dates are available.

Teachers, teachers aides, and the required number of parent supervisors (1:5) are FREE.
Fees apply to extra parents and siblings.
Toddlers under 2 are free. Children 2 years + will be charged the program cost.

Cancellations must be received in writing up to 1 week prior to field trip date. $200 will be invoiced to your school with less than 7 days written notice.

Dates available between May 1st to August 31st.

There is a minimum booking fee of $200.00, which will be the amount charged if you have less than 13 participants.

Please note: there are NO water fountains/re-fill stations on the farm. Make sure to bring enough water and refreshments to last the entirety of your trip. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Country Store.

Please do not bring hot lunches as there are no microwaves available.

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Available Guided Programs

Call for info: 780.921.2272