Community Supported Agriculture

Prairie Gardens is happy to announce the return of our CSA program in 2017! Support a local farm, enjoy local produce, and share in our farm life.

Have fun from Easter to Christmas – learning about growing food at the farm for about a $1 a day!

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Thank you for continuing to share in our garden harvest with a family membership in our Community Supported Agriculture Program!

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Join our CSA & eat local, healthy, sustainably grown, gourmet produce all summer!

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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and boy, do we love our CSA Shareholders. Like many small farms, we rely on the support of our CSA Shareholders. As a thank-you for supporting us, you’ll receive a weekly box – bursting with freshly harvested produce – including a rare selection of naturally grown greens, gourmet vegetables and heirloom tomatoes. You’ll also receive our weekly newsletter, recipes for the produce your receive each week, and an invitation to learn how to grow your own food in our garden by participating in our on-farm workshops and potlucks, sharing in the learning and becoming part of our farming community.

Our CSA is a way for us to be able to grow healthy food for our community, while ensuring that we can also earn a living wage and steward healthy soil for generations to come. We aim to work together with our members to grow and distribute high-quality, produce full of the vital nutrients and minerals we need to live rich, full lives. We grow an incredible varietyof gourmet vegetables. Vegetables – including gourmet and braising greens, beans, peas, gourmet potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, lettuce, mustard greens, arugula, and fresh herbs. We also grow both heirloom, and unique heritage varietals, all non-GMO. We hope to be able to surprise and delight you, and share in our bounty with you.

We provide our CSA shareholder members with the freshest (picked that day) and most delicious direct-from-the-field produce. Our goal is to be your ultimate resource for farm to fork edibles, unique countryside events, field trips for all ages, and on-farm festivals.  We offer on-farm harvest basket pick-up on Sundays (perfect for families), with a complimentary Annual Season’s Pass to all of our on-farm festivals, from Easter, through Halloween and Christmas, or a city distribution site in the downtown area.

The Break Down: Our CSA offers shares for a 16-week season starting mid-May and ending mid-September, with bonus Halloween Pumpkins and a Christmas winter CSA basket.  A family CSA share can feed up to five family members for approximately just $1.00 per person per day ($675 for the season). We also offer a  Couples share, which works out to 2/3 of a full share for just $25 per couple per week ($400 for the season).

The full payment is due when signing up for the CSA. It is important to sign up for your share as early as possible in the season for two reasons: to reserve your CSA share, as shares are limited, and to help your farmers absorb the initial expenses in the beginning the season.

16 weeks of Good Farm Food Baskets! The Distribution Schedule runs monthly for May & June;  weekly from July through September.  The season starts in April with a U-Plant Container Workshop at the greenhouses.  There’s a special Pumpkin Pickup date for Halloween, and a Christmas Bonus Basket in December for a total of 16 good farm food baskets through the season.

Here’s what you’ll get in your good farm food boxes -from spring to fall:

  • May – A Herb/ Veggie planter for your back step to enjoy all summer
  • June – Spring greens and winter onions, salad fixings, edible flowers, dried peas and selected herbs.
  • July – there’s many types of greens, from bok choi to komatsuna, strawberries, salad fixin’s, beets and peas.
  • August and September, your baskets will overflow with abundance –  large assortments and quantities of vegetables, baby potatoes, zucchini, carrots, greens,  cabbage, mustard greens, tatsoi and beans.
  • September, you will enjoy sweet corn, winter squash, pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, root vegetables, and several varieties of exotic potatoes.

There is an important concept woven into the CSA model that takes the arrangement beyond just buying vegetables. That is the notion of shared risk: in a CSA, members pay up front for the whole season and the farmers do their best to provide an abundant box of produce each week.  Weather and mother nature play a role in the arrangement. Bumper crop years mean abundance is shared.  Drought means that the risk is shared.  This past season, we offered many varieties of greens – even with the drought, & plenty of potatoes, greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.  The peas, beans, beets, and carrots were late – but eventually lovely.  Sadly, the parsnips never did germinate!

Kid Friendly! The kids will love coming to the farm to learn about how their food grows, as you will also receive a guest pass to attend our summer festivals! What a great way to spend quality time with the kids!  During the summer, enjoy the Kids Fun Zone, a Petting Farm and Mazes to run and play in!

What Are Families Saying About our CSA program?   It’s 5 Stars!  Awesome experience for the whole family being part of the CSA program last summer – will be having some greens, squash and potatoes as part of our Christmas dinner 




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