The Harvest of Honeyberries Orchard Package


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What the heck are honeyberries? Honeyberries, also known as haskaps, are an antioxidant-rich blue berry – somewhat similar to a blueberry – that are incredibly hardy, easy to grow, and relatively low maintenance.

These delicious berries have Russian, Japanese, and Canadian roots. In fact, honeyberries have been grown in Japan for hundreds of years and are sometimes called the “fruit of longevity” – a well-deserved nickname. Studies have shown that honeyberries have substantially more antioxidants than any other berry (3X the amount blueberries have!!), high vitamin C, high vitamin A, high fiber, high potassium, high anthocyanins, high polyphenols, and high bioflavonoids. In other words, honeyberries are off-the-charts good for your health!

Not only are honeyberries delicious eaten fresh, but you can also freeze them, dry them, as well as make wine, liquers, juice, ice cream, yogurt, and jams, so they’re multi-purpose to boot.

Each Harvest of Honeyberries Orchard Package includes:

  • 5 x #2 Aurora Honeyberries
  • 5 x #2 Boreal Beast Honeyberries
  • 5 x #2 Boreal Beauty Honeyberries
  • 5 x #2 Boreal Blizzard Honeyberries
  • 5 x #2 Borealis Honeyberries

This Orchard Package also includes a farm tour, and a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing experience with an orchardist.

Our Orchard Packages are flexible – we’re happy to work with you to plan the best possible honeyberry orchard for your home. Let us know if you’d like us to customize a package for you! Just call 780-921-2272 or send an email to!