The Easy-As-Pie Orchard Package


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Gloria: Medium-sized, red speckled fruit with a sweet and slightly spicy strawberry flavor. Great for fresh eating and cooking.

Collet: Medium-sized, green apple with red stripes. Good for eating fresh, cooking and desserts.

Harcourt: Medium-sized, red striped and naturally lightly waxed apple with a crisp, mild-flavoured white flesh. Excellent for eating, baking and juicing.

Honeycrisp: Large, mottled red-over-yellow apple. Notably crisp and juicy, excellent for fresh eating, cooking, juice or storing (up to 6 months).

Carroll: With crisp white flesh, the large fruit Carroll produces are excellent for fresh eating (think sweet with only a hint of tartness) as well as for baking. Makes to-die-for apple pies!

Wolf River: First and foremost, Wolf River is legendary for the huge size of its fruit. The apples can weigh a pound or more and there are stories of pies being made from a single apple. The fruit, green with red blush and stripes, has a sweet and tart flavour that is good for cooking and it holds its shape well when cooked.

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