Elderberry, Adams


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Full sun, Part shade, zone 3b

Sambucus canadensis americana ‘Adams’

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Often grown for its fruit productivity, Adams is a cultivar of American Elderberry, which produces attractive purple-black fruit, which can be eaten when cooked. Please note: raw elderberries are toxic to humans, cats, and dogs.

Ready in late August or early September, the berries can be used to make jams, pies, teas and wines. They can also be used in tinctures to for home flu remedies, as they are a high source of vitamin C. Adams both more productive and more consistent in yield than wild elderberries.

Requires a second Elderberry for cross-pollination. American recommended.

Mature size: 5-12′ tall by 3-6′ wide

Plant in a sheltered location with ample snowfall. Adding 1-3′ of mulch around base is recommended in the fall to help overwinter.