American Highbush Cranberry



Likes full sun, part sun, attracts birds, deer resistant, rabbit resistant, drought resistant, and Zone 2

Viburnum trilobum

Pot size: #1, 2, #5

The Highbush Cranberry is covered in stunning white lace-cap flowers held atop the branches in late spring. It has attractive dark green foliage which emerges brick red in spring. The large serrated lobed leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding crimson in the fall. It features an abundance of magnificent scarlet berries from late summer – late winter. The smooth gray bark and gold branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.

This plant is primarily grown as an ornamental, but it’s also valued for its edible qualities. The round sour berries are most often used in preserves.

Hardy, adaptable, low maintenance native plant. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.