Autumn Apple Hens and Chicks


Part of the Chick Charms collection of Hens and Chicks. Known to be a collector’s plant, extremely drought tolerant, and has beautiful coloration. Not only is the Autumn Apple big in size, but also big in its coloring. It forms a large rosette that will get to 8 inches. In cooler temperatures the Autumn Apple is a candy apple red, and can also range from olive green, fiery red, and brilliant gold tones. In the Summer may sprout blooms that are pink.

Sempervivums are comprised of one large rosette called the “hen” which will then sprout many smaller rosettes around it called the “chicks”. As the plants age, the hen may die out and be replaced by the chicks. Plants can be easily divided and replanted. Particularly used for borders, containers, rock gardens, or as ground-covering. Sempervivums are monocarpic.

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