Cuckoo Maran





Breed: Cuckoo Maran

Origin: France, 1921

Egg Colour: Dark Brown

Eggs/Year: 150

Egg Size: L-XL

Comb Type: Single

Although similar in appearance to Barred Plymouth Rocks, Cuckoo Marans actually originated in France in the mid-19th century. They lay dark brown eggs – around 150 a year – and are quite sociable. Ours are excellent foragers and do well as free-range (their feather pattern is the perfect camouflage for when they’re rooting underneath trees and shrubs)! These lively birds are great additions to mixed and backyard flocks as they get along with humans and different breeds alike. They are also one of our auto-sexing breeds, which means that when the chicks hatch you can tell which are male and which are female!


  • Chicks are ready at the end of each month. For example, if you select “May” as your month, your chicks will be ready for pick-up by the end of May.


  • Unsexed (“straight run”) chicks have not been sexed. In our experience, we have found the 50-50% rule to hold true in large groups. Please note: if you order a few chicks (less than 25 of one breed, for example), the chances of even ratios of male to female increase. Unsexed chicks are $15ea.
  • Sexed (female or male) chicks are only possible with our auto-sexing breeds. This means that males and females have different colours/markings when they hatch. We have found this to be extremely reliable, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Female chicks (pullets) are $25ea and male chicks (cockerels) are $5ea.

In the case that a chick is not available at hatch, you will have the option of 1) Choosing a substitute, or 2) Choosing a later hatch date.