Fig, Italian Honey


Illustration from Pomona Italiana Giorgio Gallesio

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Full sun, Zone 7

*Not hardy in Alberta – must be grown inside!*

Ficus carica ‘Lattarulla’

Pot size #2

One of our few yellow figs, the Italian Honey Fig is known for its very large and very sweet figs. At peak ripeness, some consider the flavour unparalleled. As an added bonus its compact growth makes it ideal for container gardening, which is necessary for our climate.

The basic requirements of a productive container-grown fig tree are as follows:

  • a container with drainage (at minimum a 5 gallon container – we prefer to use 22″ Patio Planters)
  • a mixed blend of topsoil, potting soil, and compost
  • a location that receives more than 6 hours of direct sunlight a day (more is better) from May through September
  • a warm temperature from June through September (can be outside or inside, recommended  18 degrees Celsius or warmer, on average
  • an indoor space to overwinter in dormancy (we recommend a temperature between 0-10 degrees Celsius to ensure dormancy)