Arctic Raspberry – Valentina


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Full sun, partial shade, Zone 1

Rubus arcticus x stellarcticus ‘Anna’

Pot size: #1

What is an Arctic Raspberry? Simply put – an Arctic Raspberry is a low-growing raspberry bramble naturally found in arctic or alpine regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Sometimes known as a nagoonberry, arctic raspberries are considered a deliacy in many northern regions, as also suggested by their Russian name, which translates to ‘berry of princes.’

Valentina is a thornless arctic raspberry that was selected by Dr. Gunny Larssen in Sweden for its extreme hardiness and excellent flavour. Fruit is sweet and best suited for fresh eating, making jam or liquer, or for flavouring tea.

Plants have pink blossoms in the spring and foliage turns a showy orange-red in the fall.

Cross-pollination required. Plant with Anna Arctic Raspberry.

Mature Size: 5″ tall by 12-24″ wide