White Imperial Currant


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Full sun, deer resistant, rabbit resistant, Zone 3

Ribes ‘White Imperial’

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Released in 1890 by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, White Imperial is a delicious white currant and among the most popular white currant varieties globally. Fruit is a translucent white, though sometimes a pink blush is also noticeable. Excellent for fresh eating, or making jellies, jams, and wines.

White currants are sweeter than the black and red varieties, they have a low acidity and a sweet flavour profile.

An interesting fact about the White currant is that is it an albino version of the red currant, and has ancestral roots in Central and Eastern Europe, though they do fare well in cool climate. To harvest, the entire twig should be snipped away from the bush, rather than picking off the individual berries.