Southworth Pear


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Full sun, zone 3

Pyrus ‘Southworth’

Pot size #5 (5-6′)

A large pear (fruit weighs 150g on average), Southworth is a rare prairie pear that’s good for storage – keeping until January in cold storage. At harvest fruit is crunchy and firm, though still with a sweet flavour. Becoming softer when allowed to mature at room temperature for a couple of days, the fruit continues to develop a sweet, refreshing flavour. Fruit ripens in mid to late September.

Southworth is semi self-fertile, though it produces much higher yields with a second pear for cross pollination. We recommend Early Gold, Golden Spice, Paul’s, Summercrisp, Prairie Welcome, Patten, or any of the russian pear varieties.

Mature Size: 30′ tall by 20′ wide