Seed Garlic – Red Russian


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Full sun, zone 4

Allium sativum ‘Red Russian’

Bare Root

One of our most popular garlics, Red Russian produces large heads that average 8-10 medium-sized cloves. Flavour is strong, though the aftertaste is considered a sweet. Bulbs are known for their purple-striped wrapper.

Days to maturity: 90-154 (Spring/Summer), 225-240 (Fall)

Storage: 6-8 months

How to Plant:

  • Separate all the cloves – but don’t skin them!!
  • Set each clove approximately 4-6″ apart in your row and 1-2″ deep. Pointed end should remain up.
  • During the summer, your garlic will create a flower stalk (known as a scape), which will start to curl. Scapes are super tasty, and need to be removed so that the garlic plant can invest its energy in the bulb, not the flower.
  • Plan to harvest in mid-summer. You’ll known when your garlic is ready when the leaves begin to brown and dry. Typically, it’s best to harvest when half of the leaves have turned yellow/brown.
  • Once harvested, make sure to cure your garlic in a warm and dry location for 10 days.
  • Do not store in your fridge as this will cause the bulbs to sprout.

To Overwinter:

  • Cover rows with 1-2′ of straw in October.
  • Remove straw in the spring – typically April or May – once the temperatures remain above freezing overnight to allow the bulbs to sprout.