Artichoke Jerusalem Clearwater


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Full sun, Zone 3

Helianthus tuberosus ‘Clearwater’

Bare Root (BR) per 1/4lb

One of the sweetest Jerusalem artichokes, Clearwater is known for mild and nutty flavour. Tubers have light brown skin and pale, creamy flesh. The yellow sunflower-like flowers are also edible.

Clearwater Jerusalem artichokes can be fried (flavour resembles sweet kettle-cooked chips), caramelized to use in desserts, blanched (giving them a texture of a slightly undercooked potato), pureed with milk and butter for a creamy spread, roasted (to bring out the nutty flavour), and charred, which brings out a flavour reminiscent of brown sugar.

As with other Jerusalem artichoke varieties, Clearwater plants grow tall – 11-12′ tall with flowers. Clearwater is a variety that originated in Maine in 1988.