Shafer Applecrab


Photograph from the USDA Germplasm website

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Full sun,  Zone 2

Malus ‘Shafer

Pot size #5

Introduced in 1963 by the Dominion Experimental Station in Morden, Manitoba, the Shafer applecrab is known for its aromatic, sweet, juicy fruit, for the large size of its fruit (just on the border between an apple and a crabapple), and extreme winter hardiness (zone 2a at the least)!

Fruit is excellent for fresh eating, drying, applesauce, as well as making juice and cider, though it doesn’t store well – only up to one week.

Mature Size: 16′ x 13′

Requires another apple nearby to cross-pollinate. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.