Strawberry AC Valley Sunset


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Full sun, Zone 3

Fragaria ‘AC Valley Sunset

Pot Size: BR Pkg 25

Part of “June Bearing” strawberries. June bearers are classified as being strawberries that produce a single, large crop/year and during a 2-3 period in the Spring. They produce a single flush of flowers and have many runners. AC Valley Sunset is the latest of the “June-bearing” varieties that we grow, often not producing berries until August. Ripens 5-7 days after Cabot.

Developed by Andrew Jamieson in Kentville, Nova Scotia, AC Valley Sunset is a strawberry variety that is well-suited for Canadian gardens. Berries are very large, a lighter red in colour, and somewhat shiny in appearance. Both flavour and yield is good. Ideal for extending your strawberry-picking season, AC Valley Sunset is a worthwhile addition to your strawberry patch.

This is a self-pollinating variety, so it doesn’t require a second plant nearby to set fruit.  Does best in average to well-drained moist soil, but will not tolerate standing water.