Hens and Chicks Softline


This variety is one of the most unique and popular varieties. It is also known as the Chick Charms Sugar Shimmer. The leaves of this Sempervivum are soft and have velvety cilia that cover the entire rosette, and give the appearance of being shimmery. The colour of the leaves can range from being a dove grey to a pink, though the coloration can change throughout the year. There are also pink margins on the leaves that will darken to a lavender, through the Winter. It gets to be about 3″ in diameter. It is a low profile sempervivum, open faced, and densely packed leaves.

Sempervivums are comprised of one large rosette called the “hen” which will then sprout many smaller rosettes around it called the “chicks”. As the plants age, the hen may die out and be replaced by the chicks. Plants can be easily divided and replanted. Particularly used for borders, containers, rock gardens, or as ground-covering. Sempervivums are monocarpic. Sempervivums do most of their growing in the Spring and Summer, and will thrive with weekly watering and afternoon shade.

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