Hens and Chicks Reinhard


This variety earned the Award of Garden Merit, in 2008, by the Royal Horticultural Society. The Reinhard forms medium-sized rosettes, and has some very interesting colouring. The leaves of this sempervivum are emerald green, and has leaf tips that are purple-black. The centre of the green rosette is in a stark contrast to the near-black tips. The leaves are long, narrow, and upright. It is a strong grower. Will get to a maximum diameter size of 3″-4″. In the Summer may form a pink bloom.

Sempervivums are comprised of one large rosette called the “hen” which will then sprout many smaller rosettes around it called the “chicks”. As the plants age, the hen may die out and be replaced by the chicks. Plants can be easily divided and replanted. Particularly used for borders, containers, rock gardens, or as ground-covering. Sempervivums are monocarpic. Sempervivums do most of their growing in the Spring and Summer, and will thrive with weekly watering and afternoon shade.

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