Garden Center Hours

May 4 -June 16

10am-8pm  Monday-Friday
10am-6pm  Saturday & Sunday

June 17 

10am-6pm Weekday - Garden Center
10am-6pm Weekends - Adventure Farm Fun

About Our Garden Center

With over 30 years of experience in the Gardening business, we know what plants grow here, in the Edmonton area! Beginner gardening tips, gorgeous hanging baskets, fruit trees, strawberries and berry bushes. Choose ready made planters or bring in your own pot for a Custom Planted Container garden – choose your plants, and we’ll pot it up and grow it for you!

We are your local grower of bedding plants, herbs and tomatoes, offering a wide selection of uncommon and unique heritage varieties, from Lavatera to Green Zebra tomatoes!

Our kid friendly garden center includes a FREE petting farm and kids play area for the children while you shop!

Fruit Trees, Landscaping Orders - Request an Availability List Order Form for over 1600 varieties of Trees, Tree Fruits, Berries, Shrubs and Perennials! Call today to pre-order: 780-921-2272

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Local Landscaping Advice

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

The trees in my yard have been the biggest pleasure in my landscape. You never look back when you plant a tree. They grow and mature, offering shade and blossom. Not that the digging, planting and designing of the garden landscape isn’t good exercise and fun! My garden is the place where I go for peace and quiet -to let go of the day’s challenges and often crazy pace! It’s my space to rejuvenate and relax. Come find out what trees and shrubs you can plant, and where! We know what grows best in our unforgiving Zone 2 climate! By customer order upon request.

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Incredible Edibles

Herbs, Vegetables & Heirloom Tomatoes

We grow a huge array of Incredible Edibles Vegetables! Growing your own food is becoming important to families once again. Many beginning gardeners are learning the advantages of growing their own produce. One benefit is that you can ensure that your family is consuming produce that is fresh, naturally grown food with great t flavor! Nothing tastes better than a fresh picked tomato from your own backyard! Plus – growing your own fruits, veggies, and herbs can prove to be fiscally responsible.

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Hardy Fruit for the Edmonton Region

Fruit Trees, Shrubs & Berries
17 Hardy Fruits you can grow in your own Alberta backyard! Read our list >

We have many varieties available to Pre-Order for May, or at the Garden Centre for sale including gooseberries, currants, hardy haskap berries, and several new fruit tree varieties. Haskaps (Honeyberries) are in high demand and quantities of some varieties will be limited. Contact us for an availability order form today!

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