There is more to gardening than just buying plants, its the knowledge about how to put things together! This is where we come in.  At the Garden Centre at Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm, we know just about everything that there is to know about growing beautiful landscapes.   Just ask!

Whether you are selecting the perfect tree to accent your home’s design and style, choosing an artistic trellis to hold a climbing vine or longing for a truly gorgeous rose, we offer shrubs, garden and patio accessories can put the finishing touches on any garden.

Compliment your garden landscape with the perfect garden planters.   We grow a unique countryside collection of wooden patio planters  that you will love!  Youll find a full range of hardy potted trees, shrubs, perennials, as well as garden decor, an ice cream stoop, and a free petting farm for the children to enjoy while you shop.


The selection of hardy ornamental trees and shrubs for the prairies continues to grow! Were excited to offer old fashioned favorites, as well as trendy new introductions.

Our Garden Centre has a good selection of the following:

  • Hardy Ornamental Trees
  • Hardy Ornamental Shrubs for Sun
  • Hardy Subzero Roses for Edmonton
  • Hardy Ornamental Shrubs for Shade

When can I plant trees & shrubs?

  • Dormant trees and shrubs can be dug up, moved and planted as soon as the soil can be worked, as the frost leaves the ground.  Its too late after they have burst from bud into leaf!
  • Container grown trees can be planted from spring to fall

Tips for the Season!

  • Spring is an exciting time for gardeners. As the gardens wake from hibernation it is always fun and exciting to watch for the little green shoots that begin to sprout here and there.
  • April is time to start making compost, apply fertilizer and mulch to your beds and borders.
  • Clear away any winter mulch before you add fertilizers. Check your trees and shrubs for winter damage. Stake or tie those plants that flopped due to snow and ice weight.
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs after theyve finished blooming to make way for the buds for next year!  Lilacs, double flowering plum and forsythia all fall in this category.
  • Prune birch and maple after they have fully leafed out to avoid excessive bleeding!


Spring is the time to prune broken branches, and last years spent blossom heads.  Its best just before the leaves start to leaf out, except for early spring bloomers like lilacs, double flowering plum; or bleeders like maple or birch.  Wait until the blossoms have come and gone;  and the trees are fully leafed.

Garden Centre offers Spring & Summer Planting Varieties

Garden Seeds: A nice variety of flower, vegetable and herb seeds

Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets

  • Norland Red, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Russet Bakers Potato, Sangre Red,
  • Spanish and Dutch Onion Sets, Garlic Sets
  • Perennial Berries and Asparagus
  • Asparagus Jersey King
  • Strawberries Day Neutrals and Ever-bearers

Fall Planting

  • Seed carrots, spinach and garlic just before the ground freezes in the fall for early summer crops