CSA goodies for Aug 21

What’s in your basket?

New this week – fennel, white Eldorado Swiss Chard and spaghetti squash

How to use your fennel

Fennel is great for soothing your tummy and is a main ingredient in baby’s gripe water. And just Google fennel recipes to find lots of ways to cook the bulbs, like this easy fennel and onion tart from the Vegan Visitor. Dayna uses frozen puff pastry, which is awesome if you’re not a superhero like my Grandma and don’t make your crust from scratch.

But you can also use the stalks and fronds. Sprinkle the chopped frilly tops as a garnish in soups, stuff them into your roasted chicken or toss them into a salad with some dried cranberries. And use the licorice-y stalks in the poaching liquid for salmon or add them to your vegetable stock.

Fennel fronds image from My Own Private Kitchen blog’s recipe for caramelized fennel.

What’s ready to pick:

Burgundy & Dragon’s Tongue beans
Blue Ridge kale
Sweet corn
Mixed culinary herbs – basil, oregano, sage
Red romaine lettuce
Spanish onions
Red bunching onions
Santiago yellow potatoes
Red Norland potatoes
White Eldorado Swiss chard
Heritage mixed tomatoes
Spaghetti squash