CSA family report: Our magic Sundays

It’s been a sweet summer for us at the farm. We’ve been eating our vegetables all through the week and each Sunday we play on the go-karts and swing in the farm’s old tree. Sometimes I remember to bring our leftover greens for the goats, sheep and bunnies. Mama goats love them especially.

This is our fourth year in the CSA, so the farm is comfy and familiar. We all relax. We got this (if nothing else, am I right ;). We got this.

Extra-special days

Last weekend was the Fairy Berry Festival with free fuzzy flowered fairy crowns, lots of pirates and fudge. My tiny fairy in tutu and wings found the magic show for the first time and we left a jellybean over by the fairy patch. Open Farm Days is the next special day on Aug 21, which is free, so we’ll invite lots of friends – and Sweet Corn Fest is on Labour Day weekend (Sep 3, 4 & 5) with a corn cannon, corn-eating contest, music, magic, drumming, balloons and puppets and more fudge too.

SwingYesterday, there were kids birthday parties and a country wedding. We had lunch – farmer’s sausage, the kitchen’s famous dilly garlic potatoes, Silvia’s pico de gallo and ice cream, of course. We collected a big bag of peas, fresh garlic, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes aplenty and a giant bunch of dill from the market stall. (Just a side note: given all this rain, I feel a zucch-nado is on the way soon. Lucky us – and our neighbours!)

Big plans yet

Before summer’s over, I’d still like to sneak out for a whole day on the farm just me, helping at the CSA market, exploring the greenhouses, meeting all the farm families. And sign up for a Fire Roasters cooking class to learn to cook in the outdoor Cobb Oven – pizza, warm salad, pastries. I saw them building the round brick oven and have eaten its tasty smoky wood-fired pizza. I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

Joy pops up

I cherish our summer afternoons on the farm. We can get back to all that other life happening later, but for a few hours, the farm brings us back to the best parts – to our little family, good food and playing around outside. Like Professor Copperpot’s bunny, joy and laughter just pop up all on their own each Sunday. Like magic.

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