Welcome to Prairie Gardens CSA blog!

My name is Carrie and I will be writing about my experiences and adventures with the CSA program. This is my second year to be apart of the program. During last year’s run, I started a blog called A Spoonful of Local because I was having so much fun with the baskets and I wanted to share those experiences. (Last year’s blog will be available to read until July 1, if you’re interested).

So this year, I will be completely focusing on the Prairie Gardens blog and I will be pinning any recipes I use in the blog to my Pinterest account for your reference, spoonfuloflocal – and the other place to find any recipes for inspiration is right here on the Prairie Gardens website!

You can also follow me on Facebook, as I will also be maintaining my Facebook account, aspoonfuloflocal. I’ll be posting the link to the blog there for easy reference for anyone who would like to keep up with the CSA program and you can also invite others to follow. I’m looking forward to your feedback and seeing what inspires you.

The start up to the CSA this year was at the end of April, where we had a potluck lunch, planted our Herb & Veggie container and received a few bonuses! Purple Russian Potatoes and a bag of Wheat Berries.

This year’s container was a surprise for us, as my kids seemed to find every plant without a tag on it. They had so much fun picking out what to plant and putting it into the container. Last year, they weren’t so sure of this thing called planting. And this year, well, as soon as the garden was tilled, they couldn’t wait to start planting! This is the beginning of educating them on where our food comes from.

All containers were left at the greenhouse to grow up! A month later on May 28, was the first basket pick up! Our planter was all grown up. Filled in nicely, and for the first time was actually able to identify what the kids had picked! They had picked a tomato (still not sure what kind), sage, begonia, pansies and fennel.

My daughter is a huge fan of edible flowers, so the blooms on this container will not last long! The rest of the pickup also included; a couple lbs of potatoes, mojito herb mix, dandelion mix, edible flower blooms, and a few packs of flowers. I loved that addition, as I picked mostly marigolds to plant in my garden at home to help with controlling pests, naturally. Their pungent smell really seems to help.

Now it’s up to us to keep this container growing!

What did you put in your container? Or what would you like to try in your container next year? Did you create your own container at home? Please share your thoughts below.

See you at the farm for the start of the weekly pick-ups on July 2!