Carrie’s CSA blog: Sorrel and Rhubarb in June

The last pick-up included: French Sorrel, Chives, Lambsquarters (Fat Hen), Rhubarb, Red-Veined Sorrel, and a 4-pack of Marigolds. This pick-up was a good practice run for our new CSA members, just to get the feel of how the basic process will work for all the pick-ups, here on out. It’s so much fun!

The rhubarb didn’t last long in our house. Leaves cut off, stems washed and a small bowl of sugar was put on the table. Let the snacking begin! Dip. Bite. Crunch, crunch, crunch! Until the rhubarb was all gone. The marigolds were planted in the garden to help with pest control and beautification. And the sorrel, well, that doesn’t last long in our house.

It was a new herb/green introduced to us last year and the kids haven’t looked back. They would eat the whole bunch, if they could. But I have learned that it is an ‘old’ food. My grandmother was so excited, when she learned that Sorrel would be in some of our baskets. Apparently, it was a staple on the farm, when she was growing up!

The French Sorrel can have a bitter, but lemony or citrus taste and we really enjoy that aspect.

But, boy, oh boy, when I first made the Sorrel Soup recipe supplied by Tam, we ate the whole pot! It is so satisfying. I hope you took the opportunity to make it as well, if you didn’t, I encourage you to try it. I find that the flavour is really intensified when the sorrel is cooked. It has become one of our favourite recipes during the summer. I find that it is so easy to make, as well.

At the last pick-up, I bought a Sorrel plant for our garden at home. And surprisingly, it still has a few leaves on it! (But someone has been snacking on it!)

But what else can you do with Sorrel? This was my quandary last summer. We ate it fresh, in soup, in sandwiches and wraps and salads.

This year, there are so many more recipes and references that I’ve been able to track down on the world wide web. It’s fantastic! Much of what I have found is from the UK.

Here are a few links to get you started on Sorrel:

50 Things to do with Fresh Sorrel by Chocolate and Zucchini.

From The Kitchn, 10 Spring Recipes.

Here’s a quick read on Sorrel by epicurious.

The first link, shows pairings, uses and recipe ideas. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m thinking fish and sorrel might be a good next recipe to try, or maybe a warm potato salad. Hmmm…. the possibilities. I can hardly wait for more!