Marquette Grape


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Full sun, Zone 3

Vitis x ‘Marquette’ USPP19579, CPBRAF

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This grape variety is a descendant of the Pinot Noir, and is one of the most hardiest wine-making grape varieties. The fruit of this plant will usually ripen by September, and forms abundant clusters of bluish-black grapes. The grapes will usually taste pretty tart until they fully ripen. The great thing about this grape variety is that it is very disease resistant and self-pollinating.

Plant in a sunny and warm location. Ensure that the soil is well-drained. Ensure that during planting time that you are utilizing fertilizer and incorporate organic matter, but overfertilizing could result in excessive foliar growth at the expense of the fruit production. A wire trellis will greatly benefit your plant. Grapes will benefit from high temperature and good air circulation. Selection of a site that is south facing. Will get to heights of 6 ft and with a spread of 6 ft.