Seaberry/Sea Buckthorn Harvest Moon (Female)


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Full sun, deer and rabbit resistant, Zone 3

Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Harvest Moon’

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A Canadian-developed sea buckthorn, Harvest Moon is known for its larger fruit with a mild flavour. Fruit has 7x the vitamin C as lemons do and is sweeter than most other North American varieties.

Plants are semi-thornless, which makes harvest easier – either by hand, or by shaking branches. As with other sea buckthorn varieties, Harvest Moon is a nitrogen-fixer, which makes it a great companion fruit to include in orchards and fruit forests.

One plant typically produces around 30lbs or fruit, which can be eaten fresh, made into smoothies, sorbets, or syrups, as well as to make a variety of desserts and savory dishes, like chutneys. Needs a male pollinator, such as Silver Star, Hikul, Pollmix, or Lord.

Released from the Agroforesty Research Centre, part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, in Saskatchewan, in 2009.

9-10′ tall x 5-8′ wide at maturity