Selkirk Flowering Crabapple


An upright, rounded crabapple form. A very hardy variety. This flowering crab variety has glossy dark purple leaves, with green undercast, and the most beautiful reddish-purple blooms in Spring, which is followed by small, dark red ornamental fruit that will persist into Winter. The foliage of the tree will turn orange in the Fall.

Introduced by Agriculture Canada in Saskatchewan. Known for being a beautiful specimen and very hardy.




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Full sun, attracts birds, Zone 2

Malus ‘Selkirk’

Pot size #10

Hardy, vigorous, upright spreading tree with new burgundy foliage maturing to bronze-green. Single, rose-red, spring blooms mature to red, glossy, ornamental fruit which persists into winter. Good disease resistance. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

20′ tall by 16′ wide