Combination Hazelnut


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Full sun to part shade

Zone 3b

Corylus avellana ‘Combination’

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Known by many names, including the Common Hazel, Filbert, European Hazelnut, and Hale Nut, Corylus avellana is sought after for the delicious nuts it produces.

Harvest September through October. After harvest, hazelnuts need to be dried for 2-4 weeks. If de-shelled, nuts will keep for several months at room temperature. Shelled nuts only keep for a few weeks at room temperature, but they can be refrigerated up to several months, or frozen for up to a year.

Once dried, hazelnuts can be eaten as is, used to make scrumptious desserts, tossed in a salad, or ground into nut butter (think homemade Nutella) – yum!

It is borderline hardy for Alberta (zone 4) and is not recommended for novice gardeners or rural, unprotected areas. The Combination Hazelnut requires a protected micro-climate with limited wind exposure and heavy snowfall. Covering with 1-3′ of mulch is recommend in the fall to help overwinter.

As this is a combination hazelnut, it is self-pollinating and does not require a second plant.

Mature Size: 12-20′ tall by 12-15′ wide. However, Corylus avellana can be periodically cut back or coppiced to stimulate growth, increase longevity, and limit mature size.