Admiration Hybrid Oak


The most notable characteristics of Admiration® are its unique pyramidal growth habit with excellent vigor, glossy dark-green foliage and shaggy bark. Its leaves also turn spectacular gold-colour in the fall, which the trees retains through the winter.


Full sun, rabbit and drought resistant, Zone 2

Quercus x jackiana ‘Jefmir

Pot size: #5, #7

A unique seedling oak tree discovered in Saskatoon, SK. Based on leaf and fruit characteristics the tree is believed to be a hybrid between White oak (Q. alba) and Swamp White Oak (Q. bicolor). The parent tree is likely close to 25 years old and is thriving in zone 2 on alkaline soil. It has a pyramidal crown, shaggy bark (from Q. bicolor), yellow petioles (from Q. alba) and glossy foliage

Admiration® features an excellent growth rate, shaggy bark and glossy dark green foliage. Leaves turn golden in the fall and are retained throughout the winter. Excellent vigor compared to other oaks. Mature size of 40’ (12 m) x 30’ (9 m).