M360 Apple


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Full sun, Zone 2

Malus x ‘M360’

Pot size #5 (2-3′ whip)

One of our largest apples, M360 typically average 3.5″ across, but some can get as large as 4+” across. This apple is very cold hardy (zone 2) and can keep until March in cold storage. Fruit has white flesh and green skin with a red blush. Flavour is a balance of sweet and tart, though it continues to sweeten in cold storage. Best suited for fresh eating, cooking, and baking. Developed in Manitoba by the Morden Research Station. Ready in mid-September.

Requires another apple nearby for cross-pollination. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Mature Size: 15-18′ tall by 12-15′ wide