Lautz Apple


The Lautz apple is small to medium in size, and attractive in appearance: bright red all over, round and symmetrical. It has a firm, fine-grained and very juicy flesh. Its taste, although well-balanced tart-and-sweet, is initially not quite an explosion of flavour at the time of harvesting. This is because its sugars need time in storage to develop to their fullest. To taste Lautz at its sweetest and most flavourful, it is best to leave it in storage until at least late December, around three months after it is harvested. Lautz is delicious for fresh eating all winter long, but it also has several advantages for cooking. It has a small core that facilitates preparation; its white flesh is slow to oxidize; and it gives an ideal texture when cooked into pies, not becoming too mushy nor staying too firm.

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