Send Some Love!

Sturgeon County needs to hear about how much you love Prairie Gardens - click here to download your letter of support.
Click Here and use this letter template as a starting point for the love you'll be sending to Sturgeon County!

Make sure to edit your name, date of submission, and address/postal code. We've included the emails that you should send your letter to as well as individuals you might want to CC. Once you've got the email started, and the recipient emails entered, you can remove their contact information from the body of your letter of support.

We'd love it if you wanted to customise your letter and let the County know any personal stories or thoughts about how much you love Prairie Gardens! A personal touch goes a long way.

We love all the love we've received so far - some of your kind words have already brought us to tears or brightened up an otherwise daunting day - so keep sending the love the County's way, and maybe they'll give us a little love in return.

About Us

Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm is a working 35-acre family farm 25 km north of the City of Edmonton.