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"Rustic as Cluck"

Prairie Heritage Chicken Experience

Prairie Tree to Table Experience

Country Christmas at the Farm

Seniors Farm Tour

and Woodfired Luncheon

Youth ESL Prairie Farm Fun

and Campfire Cookout

Prairie Gardens' Private Chef's Table Experience

Professional Farm Tour

U-Pick Prairie Garden to Grill Experience

Art of Prairie Farm Charcuterie

Blue Pumpkin Prairie Roasters Experience


The following COVID-19 restrictions and protocols will remain in place until further notice:
  • COVID screening for all guests and staff,
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing regularly
  • Washing, wiping down and disinfecting all Equipment
  • Providing access to hand sanitizer and gloves while on tour
  • Staff and Visitors to stay home and away from others if feeling unwell in any way
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m and wear a mask indoors or in close proximity to others

For questions or updates regarding our situation and measures we have put into place please Contact Us.

We are excited to share the farm with you again!
The Prairie Gardens Farm Team

For health resources visit Alberta Health Services