Corn Maze

Our Adventure Farm offers 3 farm mazes – a 1 acre corn field, and 2 1/2 acre sunflower mazes!

3 Farm Mazes – Open Aug 2nd to Oct 31st

  • Minotaur Kids Sunflower Maze  (It’s A Race to the Centre & Back!)
  • Mindbender Corn Maze (Tall Corn, Big Puzzel – 15-20 minutes to Complete)
  • Sunflower Sunflower Maze (Become One with the Sunflowers! – 5 min Maze)

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What is a corn maze?

  • It’s the world’s largest interactive game!
  • It’s a challenge for the whole family to conquer together.
  • It’s teambuilding opportunity.
  • It’s REALLY CORNY fun!