Prairie Gardens pumpkin cannon

Fire in the hole!

Pumpkin Fest girlsIt’s your turn to fire the pumpkin cannon. You dig out four shiny gold and silver dubloons and hand them over to the old salty dog in the long braids and buccaneer hat. He’ll pick out a knobby crooked old pumpkin and load it up into the big loud air cannon.

And even though he’s the pirate after all and probably aims very well despite the eye patch – you should go check out the shot. And maybe see if he’ll let you look through the telescope for a sec. Then you step back and give the count: 3, 2, 1, Boom! Whee! Splat.

With a little pixie dust and a good swashbuckler’s eye, you’ll hit the creaky old pirate ship sitting 300 metres off shore – the one you inspected with the telescope. If not, it’ll still splat, which is fun. And all the bounty goes to YESS Edmonton to help empower youth.

Pumpkin Fest Laurel

Helping kids connect

Prairie Gardens and YESS is a partnership that fits – we share a commitment to reconnecting kids with the world.

Kids at YESS connect with supporters, family, community and a place to stay. Kids who come here connect with animals, food and nature. They’re having fun with their family and friends and while they play, run and climb they are getting braver, smarter and stronger.

We are proud to have raised over $10,000 from the pumpkin cannon for YESS.

Haunted Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Fest 3 live scarecrows

Now the pirate is just one of a multitude of characters having fun at the farm during the Haunted Pumpkin Festival.

You’ll also meet witches, a dancing dragon, a vampire and magician – then there are the creepy folks inside the haunted house – if you dare go. No really, it’s scary. Plus we have train rides, gem mining, big corn mazes and delicious grown-right-here food.

This is also the time to pick your shiny bright orange fat round Halloween pumpkin from the indoor pumpkin patch. Or there are some very cool multicoloured nubby pumpkins too.

The Prairie Gardens pumpkin patch is open weekdays 2:30 – 4:30 and during the festival, 11 – 5 every weekend in October including Thanksgiving Monday (Oct 14).