11 ways to play at the Fairy Berry Festival

At Prairie Gardens, we love our strawberries so much that we throw them a big party every year. Join us on Aug 3, 4 & 5 to eat strawberries, dress-up like pirates, knights and fairies, play games, eat more strawberries, dance, sing, run and did I say eat strawberries yet? Here are 11 ways to play at this year’s Fairy Berry Festival.

1. Dress up as a fairy, pirate or knight. Kids under five that dress up get into the festival for free. And anyone who dresses up can enter the costume contest to win an annual family pass to the farm. So, tiny fairies (or rather tiny fairy moms) grab a coat hanger and some old tights or make your fairy wings out of recycled milk jugs and come play with lots of your sparkly glittery magical friends. Pirates will need an easy eye patch and knights can bring their pizza box sword and pie plate shield.

Fairy Berry Copperpot Magic

2. Enter the medieval games. Brave knights, now is your chance to test your knightly skills on the catapult, archery and “knight fights” on Saturday and Holiday Monday.

3. Dance to live music. You have moves – there’s that spinning around in circles one, hopping up and down on the spot and that one where you swing your arms wildly from side to side. It’s time to show them off.

4. Be part of a magic show. Professor Copperpot needs your wiggly fingers and Abracadabras to perform his amazing feats of mysterious magic. He can also juggle backwards and I know you’ll like that.

Fairy Berry logo

5. Pick some fairy berry strawberries. These tiny berries are the teeniest and sweetest strawberries to ripen on the farm. So head out into the field to pick some yourself and bring a bucket home, well, if they make it home… (Price varies by bucket size.)

6. See an amazing balloon artist in action. Watch the incredible Phileas Flash make his incredible balloon art all weekend at the farm. And if you forgot your sword – he’ll make you a balloon one for free.

7. Get your face painted. Maybe you should be a kitty (it was your first word after all) or maybe you would rather have a flower or a pirate moustache or tiger stripes or Spiderman…

8. Watch an exciting puppet show. Maybe, just for a minute mind you, you and mom can sit a little, quietly, and listen to an exciting tale told by puppets. And then you can run again, I promise.

Fairy Berry Train9. Eat more strawberries, you strawberry-monster. If you already ate a your whole bucket of freshly picked berries (it’s ok if you did), try the home-made strawberry shortcake at the Strawberry Café. Or maybe you’re an ice cream cone kind of kid – we have that too. I bet you bite the end off your cone first thing, don’t you? Yeah, me too.

10. Run the corn mazes. This weekend, the Mindbender and kids corn mazes will be tall enough to run through. So go! Run! Run run run! And if he gets lost, dad can use his smartphone to navigate the checkpoints and get you back to a well-rested mom sitting right where you left her, listening to music and sipping on a lemonade.

11. Lots and lots and lots more… I only have one more number to tell you about everything else, so here goes: mine for sparkly gems and ancient fossils at the Lost Lemon Mine, meet the very cutest critters at the petting zoo, make crafts, slide down slides, ride on a big red trackless train and a bunch of mini-tractors and meet Basil the parrot that really talks… phew, there’s more too, but you’ll see it all when you get here.