Carrie’s CSA blog: Sorrel and Rhubarb in June

The last pick-up included: French Sorrel, Chives, Lambsquarters (Fat Hen), Rhubarb, Red-Veined Sorrel, and a 4-pack of Marigolds. This pick-up was a good practice run for our new CSA members, just to get the feel of how the basic process will work for all the pick-ups, here on out. It’s so much fun! The rhubarb didn’t last long in our house. … Read More

Welcome to Prairie Gardens CSA blog!

My name is Carrie and I will be writing about my experiences and adventures with the CSA program. This is my second year to be apart of the program. During last year’s run, I started a blog called A Spoonful of Local because I was having so much fun with the baskets and I wanted to share those experiences. (Last … Read More

The gardens are humming!

Farmer Tam’s Field Report The wind picks up this afternoon, bringing life-giving rain! I dug my raincoat out of the closet, and strolled through the garden this morning humming…. Hallelujah, hallelujah …. as, I’m sure all arugula, the beans in the garden, the trees, and even the bees are humming today. Yes, even the bees were thirsty! There were about … Read More

What’s in your CSA basket for August 7

Pick up on Aug 7 & 10 CSA families can pick up your good food Thursday, Aug 7 at RGE RD between 5 and 7 pm – or come to the farm on Sunday between noon and 6 pm to pick up your goodies, visit the baby goats, try and get Basil the green parrot to talk to you and … Read More

CSA good food basket for July 31

What’s in your basket? Kohlrabi is new this week Kohlrabi is a round heavy tentacled cabbage-turnip-radish – that looks like it should grow underground like a root, but actually grows in the sun on top of the soil. It has a crunchy texture like a water chestnut and a fresh mellow green flavour. You can cook the leaves like cabbage – and eat … Read More

17 ways to eat your CSA greens

By Farmer Tam CSA membership can be a wonderful, rewarding experience! You can head home from work every day to a meal made with beautiful fresh local food. But by the third week, the sheer magnitude of weekly bunches of freshness can start to overwhelm busy people with regular (or even spectacular!) lives to lead. The good news is that … Read More

CSA garden basket for July 10

Good food basket pick-ups on July 10 & 13 Hey CSA families – city pick-up is from 5 pm to 7 pm at RGE RD – 123 St & 106 Ave – on Thursday, July 10. Or, if you signed up for farm pick-up you can get your goodies between noon and 6 pm on Sunday, July 13. What’s growing now Red root amaranth … Read More

Summer abundance is coming

Farmer Tam’s field report July is the beginning of summer abundance Garden abundance pallet art by Charee Moore’s I made that! board on Pinterest. Edible weeds First it’s the weeds, popping up with wild abandon with no regard for our nice neat rows. But some are edible, like the “Fat Hen” and “Red-rooted Amaranth”, which we’ll be cutting for bunches … Read More

What’s growing this week in the CSA garden

Good food pick up Thursday, July 3 or Sunday, July 6 Yippee – our weekly veg and herb bounty starts this week! CSA families can pick up their  good food from the city pick up location at RGE RD – 123 St & 106 Ave – on Thursday, July 3 from 5–7 pm. Or come pick up your goodies and … Read More

CSA good food box for June 19

Good food box pick up Thursday, June 19 or Sunday, June 22  Hey CSA families – come get your next good food box from the city pick up location at RGE RD – 123 St & 106 Ave – on Thursday, June 19 between 5–7 pm. Or come to the farm on Sunday, June 22 between noon and 6 pm. … Read More