How to sprout everything

Watch life grow

Big and little kids love watching seeds and beans grow – plus they are delicious and super nutritious. You can buy sprouting seeds like red clover, alfalfa and fenugreek or use a huge variety of beans and lentils – nothing bigger than a chick pea though and never use kidney beans. Here’s how to sprout almost anything in five easy steps.

Banner image from the Happy Herbivore’s 411 on sprouting blog.


1. Soak your beans or seeds overnight.

2. Drain and rinse – water is the magic ingredient to bring your dormant seeds and beans to life.

3. All you need is a jar and breathable cloth or DIY a sprouting jar with plastic mesh like this one. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth or screen and screw on the ring or use an elastic band. Your little sweethearts will need to stay moist so they don’t dry out, but will still need to breathe.

I love my $10 sprouter and you can also buy sprouting bags that can go right from counter to the fridge.

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4. Rinse morning and night with cool water – you’ll see if they start to dry out and just keep rinsing them to rehydrate or dry them well in a spinner and refrigerate. You can keep them on the windowsill or just on the counter – they don’t need a lot of light.


5. Then gobble ‘em in salads, smoothies, on sandwiches or just by the handful like we do.

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