Farmer Tam’s Field n’ Farm Report

The Winter Lament… The fields are empty now at Prairie Gardens except for two perfectly straight, yet strangely fluffy, rows of white mysterious mounds. It’s the Kale, covered by a blanket of snow! Otherwise, the fall fields are done, abandoned, save for a flock of wild partridge, a coyote, the snowy white weasel that I chanced a glimpse of – … Read More

Range Road Dinners Make Top New Restaurants List

At Prairie Gardens we are always excited to offer our gourmet Field to Fork dinners. We recently came across an article on the Air Canada enRoute website for Canada’s best new restaurants. Coming in at Number 4 were Edmonton’s Range Road Dinners, featuring Chek Blair Lebsack!

Meet your vegetables: The Pumpkins

Meet the Pumpkins if you dare Midnight is your fuzzy black cat and she’s out past curfew again. You sigh on the porch swing and muster yourself to go find her. You close your eyes for just a moment before tiptoeing into the spooky pumpkin patch – where Midnight likes to hide. At first you don’t see them under the … Read More

Silvia’s Really Good Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo is a condiment (authentic Mexican salsa) that is made with fresh chopped cilantro, tomatoes, onions and chilies. It can be used just like a salsa for dipping tortilla chips, as a side dish or a condiment. One advantage that it has over salsas is that there is less liquid and that makes it a perfect filling for … Read More

CSA goodies for Aug 21

What’s in your basket? New this week – fennel, white Eldorado Swiss Chard and spaghetti squash How to use your fennel Fennel is great for soothing your tummy and is a main ingredient in baby’s gripe water. And just Google fennel recipes to find lots of ways to cook the bulbs, like this easy fennel and onion tart from the … Read More

Honey-cumin cilantro slaw for tacos

This week’s CSA recipe I was recently asked to instruct an herb cooking class for the Morinville Community Gardens Group and was looking for something different to use cilantro in. Generally, I don’t care for the typical boring coleslaw that seems to get served with every meal and buffet, but this is a fantastic recipe for a homemade slaw that … Read More

Caprese summer salad

I have been waiting for the fresh hothouse tomatoes that we all planted together to ripen, so that I could try this Caprese salad recipe. A Caprese salad is a simple salad with juicy fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. It’s nice and fresh and tastes like summer. The salad can be seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and maybe … Read More

What’s in your CSA basket for August 7

Pick up on Aug 7 & 10 CSA families can pick up your good food Thursday, Aug 7 at RGE RD between 5 and 7 pm – or come to the farm on Sunday between noon and 6 pm to pick up your goodies, visit the baby goats, try and get Basil the green parrot to talk to you and … Read More

CSA good food basket for July 31

What’s in your basket? Kohlrabi is new this week Kohlrabi is a round heavy tentacled cabbage-turnip-radish – that looks like it should grow underground like a root, but actually grows in the sun on top of the soil. It has a crunchy texture like a water chestnut and a fresh mellow green flavour. You can cook the leaves like cabbage – and eat … Read More