Meet your vegetables: The Pumpkins

Meet the Pumpkins if you dare Midnight is your fuzzy black cat and she’s out past curfew again. You sigh on the porch swing and muster yourself to go find her. You close your eyes for just a moment before tiptoeing into the spooky pumpkin patch – where Midnight likes to hide. At first you don’t see them under the … Read More

Meet your vegetables: Fairyberry strawberries

Jellybeans for the berry fairies An urgent message from the berry fairies: Be nice to your sister and bring jellybeans please. Out in the country where the clouds are white and puffy in the middle of bright yellow canola fields and up on a green hill sits a farm. This farm has proud roaming roosters, fence-jumping goats, flower-eating bunnies and … Read More

Meet your vegetables: Broccoli

Will Broccoli be there? Meet Broccoli – chilling in the raw with his crudité entourage or soaking in a hot tub of cheese and rice, he’s delighted just to be here. Life lesson: bring Broccoli to every party. You’ll miss him when he’s not there. Funky, fun and the life of the party You can take this guy anywhere – … Read More

Meet your vegetables: What Sage knows

Every vegetable has a story. Meet Sage – a wandering cowboy who can’t bear wet feet and sings songs to his horse by the moonlight. Life lesson: follow your heart and keep your toes dry. Oh give me a home In the light sandy loam On a hill where the rain drains away Give me full sun at noon and … Read More

Meet your vegetables: Parsnip

Meet Parsnip – she’s rainy days, chunky cardigans and staying put. Life lesson: leave parsnips in the ground over winter. A cold rain makes slow little streams on the window. Parsnip sits at the kitchen table with a steaming toddy, a dog-eared paperback, a loose ball of chunky knitting. She pulls her oatmeal cardigan closed and adds honey then more … Read More