Meet your vegetables: Broccoli

Will Broccoli be there?

Meet Broccoli – chilling in the raw with his crudité entourage or soaking in a hot tub of cheese and rice, he’s delighted just to be here.

Life lesson: bring Broccoli to every party. You’ll miss him when he’s not there.

Funky, fun and the life of the party

You can take this guy anywhere – he can talk to anybody about anything. He’s at home in mom’s casseroles, far-out fondues and slow roasting in the oven. Even awkward Mushrooms melt into his careless bear hug embrace.

He’s a funky dancer with a crunchy mania that you never could resist. He’s a fist-bumping skinny-dipping Frisbee-thrower. He’s that nookie-giving dude holding court in the kitchen and he just winked you a smile.

He’s silly and sweet and full of vitamin C-you-tonight. Finger gun-click. Once you saw him wearing sunglasses on the back of his curly flower head and it made you giggle.

He spins old school vinyl. He’s out back right now getting his DJ gear from the van. His Romanesco cousin brought a case of home-brew – help yourself.

He’s Broccoli, the life of all parties. And there he goes, dragging your mushroomy heart behind.

Party-style broccoli

Guest list:

  • Onion, Garlic, Celery and Carrots diced and fried in Olive Oil
  • Faint-hearted dried Mushrooms perked up in two cups boiling water. Strain and use liquid too
  • Sizzling Jasmine Rice
  • Broccoli’s here! Chopped large and looking fine
  • His spicy crew: smoked Paprika, Pepper, Salt, bright yellow Mustard
  • Cheese sauce hot tub of butter, flour, two cups milk, two cups cheese
  • Sprinkle of buttery breadcrumbs

Turn up the funk to 350. Mix and mingle. Bake for 45 minutes until the party’s bubbling.

Image by Corrie Godfrey, graphic artist and party vegetable.