Your Guide to Winter Squash

Winter Pumpkins

Winter Squash: More than just a pretty face Pumpkins may get all the glory at Halloween, but there are many other versatile, vividly colored, flavorful, and nutrient-packed varieties to brighten up fall and winter meals. Sweeter, denser, and more firm in texture than summer squash or zucchini, winter squash take well to a wide spectrum of seasonings and can be … Read More

The gardens are humming!

Farmer Tam’s Field Report The wind picks up this afternoon, bringing life-giving rain! I dug my raincoat out of the closet, and strolled through the garden this morning humming…. Hallelujah, hallelujah …. as, I’m sure all arugula, the beans in the garden, the trees, and even the bees are humming today. Yes, even the bees were thirsty! There were about … Read More

Farmer Tam’s May Field Report

Spring is here! With the last round of snow melted away, the warmth of the sun is working wonders. The volunteer self-seeded spinach is ready to pick! The fall seeded lettuce is up. The winter onions are bursting to life. As are the weeds. There’s lots of moisture in the earth, and warm weather ahead, with a sunny week forecast. … Read More