Starting within – a new CSA season

Inspiration from Farmer Tam

It’s spring! We invite you become a part of our farm-ily again this season. We look forward to munching on a handful of peas in the gardens with you, sampling some sorrel, pull a few weeds, or just lingering to chat over a bag of veggies. It’s time to start the growing again; time to connect again!

Starting within


I was reflecting as I watched my daughter, Laurel, play a game of basketball the other day, that it’s funny how life goes. As a teen – I went out for basketball too. I went to a small elementary school in the rural community of Rolling Hills (population 105), down in southern Alberta.

In order to participate in the sports league, the school needed every able-bodied person to try out for the team. I was able-bodied and a joiner, so I did. I played my heart out every lunch hour, practice and game. I was never much good at sinking baskets, but during games, I was a huge cheerleader and a solid team supporter.

I yearned to be “Most Valuable” or “Most Improved”. Not so! Inevitably, I earned “Most Inspirational”. Hmmm – the pity award. Only now do I realize that the award recognized a genuine value.

Inspiring our community

I’ve come to realize that part of our mission here at Prairie Garden’s farm is to build and inspire community. As we have grown our business, we’ve focused on inspiring our community “out there”. Our CSA program, as we visit with you on harvest nights, press and public speaking, school outreach, tours, farm festivals, the Sturgeon County Bounty, field to fork dinners, connecting chefs with farms  – are all things we do to inspire and build a sense of community.

Our growing team

Internally, I smile as I see my team working and growing together. I’m inspired, as I have been for the past 29 years running, with the excitement of a new season.

Amy’s busy seeding (she’s really getting good at it), Pat’s creating beautiful baskets – for her 27th season, Shona’s got everyone giggling. That darn mouse ate the peppers! Kelly’s meeting with brides, planning their farm wedding day! Gwen’s got me dreaming about fairy gardens. The goats are having kids! I marvel as we walk through the greenhouses, bursting with fresh new baby plants and ideas. Here we are again, starting within and building community!

We did this together

It’s a cool understanding for my team that Prairie Garden’s Farm has grown – from having half an acre of strawberries to thirty-five acres of every vegetable imaginable – because of our work, the work of all of us. Our success is to be shared. We did this together. As a community – our team, our CSA members, our neighborhoods.

Everyone is “Most Valuable”. We are all “Most Improved”! We all have communities that need strengthening – the community of our family, of our neighborhood, of our marriages, of our life. With the 2nd month of 2014 coming to a close and the garden season approaching fast, we’re inviting you join up again this season. It takes a community to raise a farm!

See you out in the field! Your farmer, Tam

CSA Harvest Share price

Our CSA Harvest Share price is the same as last year. We will be asking for your support and payment for your family share of $650 farm pick-up (or $750 city pick-up). We’ve posted the CSA 2014 details, new payment options and registration form online.

‎Here’s what we’re growing in 2014

Beans (4 varieties)–, Beets (2 varieties)–, Broccoli–, Bok Choi–, Cabbage (2 varieties)–, Carrots (2 varieties), Cauliflower, Cilantro, –Baby Corn, –Sweet Corn (4 varieties), –Cucumbers (3 varieties), –Dill–, Fresh Herbs, –Green Onions–, Joi Choi, –Kale–, Komastuna–, Leeks–, Lettuce (4 varieties), Onions (3 varieties), –Potatoes (5 varieties), Pumpkins, –Peas, –Spinach–, Squash (4 varieties), –Saskatoons–, Raspberries–, Strawberries, –Surprises, –Swiss Chard (2 varieties), –Heirloom Tomatoes–, Spaghetti Squash–, Zucchini (4 varieties), –Gourds,– Edible Flowers &– Cut Flowers–