All about winter squash

It’s bumpy, it’s blue (or deep green and maybe stripy) and it’s delicious – but you might never have dared to cook it up before now. Here are our tips for how to care and prepare Prairie Gardens winter squash. You can find all these varieties in our indoor pumpkin patch – open daily 2:30–4:30 weekdays and 9–6 weekends until … Read More

CSA wrap-up: Lessons in sharing

We’ve been talking a lot to our three-year-old about sharing, so it’s been on my mind. We tell him that it’s ok to share because once his friend takes a turn, he’ll get his toy back. But that’s not exactly what I want him to know. It’s something more like: we share because we want our friends (and people we … Read More

CSA family news

Oh boy, I can’t believe it’s fall already  – the summer’s gone so fast. So CSA families, one more month of goodies, then pumpkins and Halloween. We sure are going to miss our weekly trips to the farm. Here are a few things Tam wants you to know about what’s coming up in the next few weeks. Please call the … Read More

What I know about growing vegetables

Each Sunday now, our family heads out to the farm to collect a basket of herbs, veg and yummy homemade biscuits. (And there’s also usually fudge, but I secretly eat it all, so shhh…) Since we joined Prairie Gardens’ Community Supported Agriculture program, we have eaten a lot of delicious new foods and I have learned a whole bunch about growing … Read More