Rising Thunder Healing Indigenous Experience

Starting at $169-275 per person

Elder Bill Bertschy

This is a 1.5 hour experience. We know how good it feels to be connected with nature. Come join Elder Bill on his journey to share indigenous wisdom and stories, tipi and drum teachings, with honest and open discussion about Truth and Reconciliation and what you can do to learn about Indigenous culture.

Immersive Experience

The spirit and magic of the rhythm of the drums cuts through all ages, sexes, religions and races. Join us for this healing as you take up the beat .

Sacred Plants & Medicine Bags

Learn about traditional sacred plants such as cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco, and sage as you are hands-on in the orchard and gardens. You learn about your personal wellbeing and build community together in a healing circle.

Sweat Lodge Healing Ceremony

Join the farmers who steward these lands on Treaty Six Territory for a welcome or departure dinner to learn about Truth and Reconciliation and the story of the farmer who supports this indigenous experience and makes this land her home, or have farm fresh groceries delivered to your site

Overnight Stays at Metis Crossing

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Payhonin National Healing Forest

Immersive Experience
Immerse yourself in woods, stars and dances of the ancestors as the Aurora Borealis may shimmer and glow overhead, next to Canada's first dark sky community of Bon Accord.

Geodesic domes with amazing sky views are available. This 2 hour experience will find you strolling through our 20-acre National Healing Forest woodlands, sweetgrass and sage meadows, and the three sister's corn, pumpkin and bean gardens, working together in harmony on a guided tour where you will discover the Seven Teachings of the Grandfathers.

Indigenous Ways
Learn about the indigenous way of life, the land and spirit animals, as you immerse in landbased learning through a millennium of storytelling, with the guidance of Chief Standing Bear, Elder and Knowledge Keeper, Bill Bertschy and his collective, including visiting Elders and Farmer Tam. Experience a new way of being on the land as you shift your life and world perspective. Learn how to acknowledge the ancestors, and appreciate sacred plants and spaces as you wander through the Parkland Boreal Forest on the farm, then into the tipi in the woods, where you will enjoy locally sourced charcuterie & taste wild-apple and cranberry preserves with bannock and mint tea, while you learn how to braid sweetgrass, or bundle sage to take home.

Wildlife in the forest includes moose, deer, bear, raven, hawks, coyote, beaver, birds. The farm is directly under the flight path of migratory birds such as the sandhill crane, snow geese, Canada geese, trumpeter and tundra swans during spring and fall.

Canada's National Healing Forest
Respected Elder, Bill Bertschy (Nephew of Chieftain George) and Farmer, Tam Andersen are the champions of this Healing Forest, where trails meander through the trees to share the Seven Grandfather Teachings on Totem Poles carved by the Elder Bill, of the Standing Bear Clan, who hails originally from the Cedar Forests of the Salish Nation. Their efforts have resulted in the first Healing Forest to be created in Alberta on private land as a tangible action towards Truth and Reconciliation.

Indigenous Ceremony
While you are with us, participate in a deeply spiritual experience as you engage in prayer and ceremony that is way of life for Chief Standing Bear. Ceremonies with the Elders are offered as an act of reconciliation, and cannot be purchased. Ask about the Ceremony Calendar as event dates vary through the seasons.

Here are some of the Ceremonies planned:
Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Sundance, Pipe Ceremony, Ghost Dance. Inquire about
dates today. Donations are accepted to support Ceremonies, National Healing Forest and The Turtle Island Conservation Project.

Full Day for 2-6 guests

  • Sweat Lodge Healing Drums Heat Songs with Sweat Lodge Keeper Elder
  • Seven Grandfather Spiritual Teachings
  • Indigenous Feast Meal
  • Sacred Plants Medicine Bag and Healings

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