Redfield Apple


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Full sun, Zone 3

Malus ‘Redfield’

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A rare red-fleshed apple, Redfield is the child of Niedzwetzkyana (an Asian red-fleshed variety) and Wolf River (a huge heritage cooking apple). Redfield combines the mild sweetness of Wolf River with the acid and red flesh of Niedzwetzkyana and – by all accounts – it works. Increasingly popular for the colourful cider it makes, Redfield will reward those who let it do what it’s good at.

Flavour, aroma, texture: Dryish, with a mild sweetness and sharp acidity. Appearance: A fairly large, squat, deep red apple. Quality for cooking: Good. Makes an impressive red apple pie Quality for cider: Good, contributing a sharp, red juice. Not suited for fresh eating (unless you like a tarter apple – then munch away!).

Bred in Geneva, New York, USA, 1930s.

Grafted on G890 Semi-Dwarf Rootstock. Should be planted in a protected location.